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Theme from the Photos

 Most often we look at and contemplate photos one by one. One of the things I’ve come to realize over time, however, is that when I import a large batch of photos and rifle through them, I often catch a … Continue reading

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A Life Lesson in the Pizza Joint

Walk with the wise and become wise;     associate with fools and get in trouble. Proverbs 13:20 (NLT) On Wednesday I was driving on a business trip with a colleague. We were chatting about experiences of our childhood and I recalled an … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day Demolition & Dinner

One of the on-going struggles of owning a humble, old house is the never ending need for repair and renovation. Each year Wendy and I have some major update that we’re doing. Last year it was residing the upper level. … Continue reading

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Chapter-a-Day Isaiah 48

"There is no peace," says God, "for the wicked." Isaiah 48:22 (MSG) The pizza joint was packed after a high school basketball gang and I was there with a bunch of my friends. I was the youngest of the group … Continue reading

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