Weekend Recap

It felt like a strange weekend. Much of it because Wendy was gone most of the day on Saturday. She volunteered at the Pella High Show Choir invitational about a year ago. She had to be at the school at 6:30 a.m. Everyone who knows Wendy knows that she absolutely loooooooved that (not). Madison was working at the Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) weekend retreat, so she wasn't around. I ended up working around the house by myself on Saturday.

Sunday morning, Madison gave a talk to her peers at the retreat. Wendy and I picked up her friend, Meredith, and headed over to First Reformed to pray with Madison and listen to her talk. It brought back memories, as Taylor did a talk like this a year or two ago. Madison did a great job sharing what God had done in her life. We were really proud of her.

Wendy and I worked on the couch last night and watched the Academy Awards, which we enjoyed – though we haven't seen one of the movies nominated for best picture. Oh well.

Getting ready for a long week ahead. I speak at a call center conference in Miami on Wednesday. Wendy and I drive out to Colorado to pick up Taylor late in the week.

About Tom Vander Well

Wayfarer, husband, father, consultant, thespian, writer, thinker, and back porch musician. Pressing on through the journey one step at a time.
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