Enough Already!!

Front_porch_winter I drove to Minneapolis yesterday morning through an ice storm (yes, mom, I made it safe). This was a trip scheduled earlier and rescheduled because of a winter storm. I think we’ve already doubled the normal amount of snow fall. There’s a mountain of ice at the bottom of my driveway that’s too thick to chop through. I have so much snow and ice on our back porch that any thing melting just backs up against the house and creates a skating rink at our back door. Arrrrrrrrrrrggghhhh!

GOD?! Could you turn off the ice maker and SHUT the freezer door, please!?

About Tom Vander Well

Wayfarer, husband, father, consultant, thespian, writer, thinker, and back porch musician. Pressing on through the journey one step at a time.
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